Sean Armstrong has released his debut album entitled, "Marble Cake Diaries", now available on itunes. A musical journey through beats and rhymes blending together with no boundaries, much like a marble cake, Sean draws the listener in with clever word play, raw lyricism, and great story telling, over top-shelf production. J. Ivy, who is featured on Kanye West's “Never Let Me Down”, sets the tone on the album intro for Marble Cake Diaries, followed by the single, "Took Control". The single features Tajai of Souls of Mischief, pHoenix Pagliacci and production from !llmind.

The second single, Mr. Bullyfoot, which is produced by Soul Council member Khrysis, was actually the first song Sean recorded for Marble Cake Diaries. A muddy, boom bap, “bully foot” style beat, provides the landscape for Sean to spit his bragadocious, battle style rhymes, complimented by a scratched hook performed by his alter ego, DJ Face.

Other notable producers include members of 9th Wonder's Soul Council, E. Jones & Amp as well as another track from Khrysis, production from Da Beatminerz, another from !llmind, Roddy Rod (Low Budget), Dischoe, Marc Nfinit (True School), J Soul and The Mowery Boys, (Chris Roc and DJ Face, aka Sean Armstrong). Tight production, plus verses with substance, equals Marble Cake Diaries.